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Maison P. Jobin presents its Green Coffee training program

We have always been keen on contributing to a better knowledge about coffee.


In this regard, we decided to give our partners and our clients the opportunity to benefit from a complete and awarding training program about Green Coffee.


Given the complete training program offered by the SCA, we considered it useful to create a support in French, acknowledged and validated by this international organization of an established reputation. 


We are also able, obviously, to match your needs in order to offer you a personalized training program. We also welcome request from people with disabilities. Feel free to contact us :


They already trusted us:


Thomson Reuters, UCC Coffee Services, Columbus Café, Malongo, Schluter, Cafés Chapuis, Segafredo Zanetti France, Café Michel, Johan & Nyström, Mister Bean, Mokator, Chocolats Voisin, Cafés Taine, Probat, Pélican Rouge, Cofiroasters, Cafés Richard, Nescafé, Lomi, Cafés Merling, Cafés Le Bonifieur...


Training courses

A diploma course internationally recognized under the aegis of the SCA. Essential to who is eager to know more about coffee, it benefits from all the experience of the Maison P. Jobin & Cie. Workshops about futures or processing methods are also available :



CSP (Coffee Skills Program)

World’s first training course about coffee. The SCA program is a training system aiming to answer the needs of professionals, but is also an excellent tool for every coffee enthusiast. Online exams and programs are now available.

SCA (Specialty Coffee Association )

7 world championships, more than 30 national chapters, 1200 coffee diplomas awarded, 1200 certified instructors, 10000 Members, a total of 220000 certificates delivered to this day.

AST (Authorised SCA Trainer)

Member of SCA’s Education Coucil in close cooperation with the CSP Creators group, Ludovic Maillard is officially empowered to conduct the courses of the Green Coffee and Sensory Skills modules. 

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