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Green Coffee - Professional Level




For whom ? Aimed at anyone who has been working in this sector for some time and is eager to extend their knowledge and expertise to a professional level.



Minimal time for the course : 20 hours


Recommended time : 3 days


Practical test : 240 minutes


Passing rate : 80%


Written test : On line


Passing rate : 80%



Prior recommendations :


It is recommended for the candidates to have an experience in green coffee of at least two years before taking this module. Ideally, a three to five year experience would be more suited. Before passing this level, the knowledge required will include the following modules :



  • Introduction to Coffee
  • Green Coffee module - Foundation Level
  • Sensory Skills module - Foundation Level
  • Green Coffee module - Intermediate Level
  • Sensory Skills module - Intermediate Level (only recommended)
  • Roasting module - Foundation Level (only recommended)



Contents of the course :


The purpose of this module is to complete the knowledge acquired during the Green Coffee - Intermediate Level and to prepare the candidate to integrate management functions in green coffee related professions. It is highly recommended to pair it up with other modules of the CDS, such as the sensory skills and roasting modules. More specifically, the candidates will be tested on their ability to :


  • Identify the key aspects of botany and of plantation management.
  • Understand in detail the various process stages of speciality coffee through all the methods used in the producing countries.
  • Demonstrate one's capacity to identify a wide range of defects existing in the coffee.
  • Demonstrate how to analyze samples of green and roasted coffee, whether it be for their qualities or defects.
  • Understand how to build and manage a portfolio of green coffees as far as volume, cost and time are concerned, taking into account price fluctuations of the coffee market.
  • Understand the criteria constituting the production price of green coffee and how to apply it as part of a contract negotiation.
  • Demonstrate how to identify different coffees by quality and volume parameters in order to meet the needs of a customer.
  • Understand how to evaluate the supplier for their ability to meet the requirements displayed in the accreditation system of a third party.




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