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Roasting - Intermediate Level




For whom ? Aimed at anyone already working in this sector and eager to improve their knowledge.


Before registering to this module, it is recommended to have followed :

  • Green Coffee - Intermediate Level
  • Sensory Skills - Intermediate Level


Minimal time for the course : 35 hours


Written test : On line


Practical test : 180 minutes





Contents of the course :


  • Organization of the workstation in compliance with health and safety rules.
  • Use of professional vocabulary and technical supports.
  • Knowledge of materials and equipment.
  • Learning the fundamentals and key concepts of coffee roasting.
  • Introduction to coffee tasting and observation of the different phases of roasting.
  • Understanding the impact of a roasting profile on the taste of a coffee.
  • Planning and registration of profiles and identification of roasting defects.


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