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Sensory Skills - Intermediate Level



For whom ? Intended to complete the knowledge acquired during the Foundation Level and to prepare the candidates to more complex features in the sensory analysis.





Minimal time for the course : 12 hours


Written test : On line


Practical test : 65 minutes



Prior recommendations :





Before the Intermediate Level theoretical course, it is recommended to follow these modules : 



1.     Introduction to Coffee


2.     Green Coffee – Foundation Level and Intermediate Level 


 Contents of the course :


Theoretical principles :


  • How we taste, perceive and interpret. 
  • Role played by the sensory analysis.
    • Quality check.
    • Product development.


Physiology and sensory attributes :


  • Physiology.

  • Taste and texture in the coffee field.

    • Intensity of the solutions.

    • Positive and negative attributes.

  • Psychological factors.


Triangle test :


  • Statistical analysis.
  • Alternative methods.

Cupping processes used :


  • Why do we need a cupping protocol? 

  • Communicate the results.

    • Key terminology.

    • SCA cupping form.


How to integrate the sensory analysis and its applications in your activity :


  • Equipment, maintenance and staff. 

    • What is a panel?

  • Implementation of the sensory panel.

    • Discriminating test vs descriptive test.

    • Tasters calibration.

    • Training.



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