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The Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) is an established professional organization. 



It gathers professionals in every field of the coffee industry. 


Its target is to be the authority on delivering coffee excellence. 


Its mission is to create and inspire excellence within the coffee community through innovation, research, education and communication.


Its values are knowledge, leadership, integrity, communication, competence, education and community. 


There has never been a better time to join the SCA. Joining it will provide you a better access to a worldwide community of speciality coffee through a learning program, events and competitions. Your membership will also increase the value of your company and develop your competitive edge by means of knowledge, education, research and networks. 


For more than 18 years, the SCA has been working to create a worldwide community of coffee.




Vincent Ballot is chairing the French chapter.


The Executive Board gathers internationally recognized company managers :

§Colleen Anunu – President (Fair Trade USA), USA
§Juan Luis Barrios – Vice-president (Farmer), Guatemala
§Konstantinos Konstantinopoulos - 2nd Vice-President (Coffee Island), Greece
§Burak Alici – Treasurer (QVIDTVM), Turkey
§Sarina Prabasi - Buuni Coffee, Nepal
§Doreen Zankowski, Kope Kabana, USA
§David Piza, S&S, Colombia
§Cosimo Libardo - Carimali, Italy
§Joanna Alm - Drop Coffee, Sweeden
§Asli Yaman – KIMMA -  Coffee Roasters, Turkey
§Pamela Chang – The Bettr Group, Singapour
§Garfield Kerr - Mokha 1450, UAE
§Vera Espindola Rafael – Azahar Coffee Company, Mexico
§Mbula Musau Utake Coffee Limited, Kenya
§Gloria Pedroza - NKG Quality Service, Switzerland
§Jörg Peter Schwartze - Schaerer ltd, Switzerland



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