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Sensory Skills - Professional Level


For whom ? Intended to complete the knowledge acquired during the Intermediate Level and to prepare the candidate to the managerial functions of a coffee related profession. Ideally, this module has to be paired up with other training courses, such as the Green Coffee or Roasting modules. 




Minimal time for the course : 20 hours


Written test : On line


Practical test : 145 minutes



Prior recommendations :



It is compulsory to follow the Intermediate Level before taking the Professional Level theoretical course.



Contents of the course :


Theoretical principles :


  • How we taste, perceive and interpret.
  • How to lead a sensorial study :
    • Generating a repetable and methodical sensory measure.
    • Be aligned with the coffee standards.
    • Recognize the qualities of a speciality coffee.


Physiology and sensory attributes :


  • The chain of sensory perception.

    • Trigeminal perception.

    • Cortex/brain.

  • Detection threshold.

    • Psychometric curve.

  • Types of error.

    • Logic.

    • Halo effect.

    • Suggestion effect.

    • Order effect.

Detect the sensorial qualities in coffee :


  • Tastes and textures.
  • Different qualities of acidity.
  • Coffee's main aromas.
  • Composition of the coffee : chemical and aromatic effects.

Defects and taints :


  • In green coffee.

  • In roasting.

  • During the extraction.

  • During the storage.


SCA cupping form :


  • Master the cupping protocol.

  • Mention other assessment systems.

  • Management and maintenance of the equipment.


Implementation :


  • Shelf life.

    • Applicable tests.

  • Development of new products.



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